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Westside Neighborhood Pride Center

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Westside Neighborhood Pride Center

The Columbus Neighborhood Pride Centers serve as the direct communications link between the city and your community. The Pride Center is a one-stop-shop for city services and is dedicated to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the families living in the area.

Pride Centers house basic city services all in one place. The Pride Center staff includes the community liaison police officers, Department of Development code enforcement officers and solid waste inspectors, Public Service refuse collection division staff, Department of Development housing division staff and your Neighborhood Liaison. The Neighborhood Pride Center staff work together in your neighborhood to tackle the issues that most concern your community.

The Neighborhood Pride Center is open to the public and residents are encouraged to come to the office to ask questions, receive help and talk with city representatives. Stop by the office or call today.

The Westside Pride Center is located at 1186 West Broad St, Columbus, OH 43222 in Franklinton. The Neighborhood Liaison is Olabisi Eddy.

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Westside Neighborhood Pride Center

1186 West Broad St, Columbus , OH 43222


Mon. - Fri.: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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