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EDGE Program

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EDGE Program

The EDGE (Empower Development by Gaining Employment) Program is an intensive, five-month program designed to help individuals with involvement in the criminal justice system overcome barriers to skilled employment opportunities. The EDGE Program is provided in coordination with the City of Columbus and the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio.

There is no cost to participate in the EDGE Program. Call Alvis at 614-252-0660 or email for more information or to make an appointment to complete an application and assessment.

If you are an ex-offender, our Community Reentry Center in Columbus can also assist you in your job search. In Columbus, call 614-252-0660.

Our employment program, Help In Reentry and Employment Education (HIRE), has proven to be very effective. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to find and obtain the type of job that you would like, not to place you in a specific job. We have built relationships with many employers in the community that will consider Alvis clients for their open positions.

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EDGE Program

1991 Bryden Rd, Columbus, OH 43205


Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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